For safety reasons

My master students collection “for safety reasons” is an aesthetic approach to the mental, psychological and corporal implicatio of the recent economy crisis. It outlines an ambience of the crisis focussing thereby mainly on expressions of an increased protection requirement, of inner seclusion and cocooning.
The women collections language of forms is characterized by broad volumes and sculptural disguises, simple cuts and clear surfaces. Transcribed body shapes like super elevated shoulders as well as stick out collars embody the need for outward safety in a crisis-laden environment.
“For safety reasons” finds abstract translations for linguistic terms like „acquisitiveness“, „contortion“ and „saving measure“. The demand of mobile belongings is answered by big pockets and seemingly fully filled liners which are abstractions of proverbs such as „to line or skin ones pockets“. Other figures of speech such as „to get on over ones head“ or „to tighten ones belt“ are distributed as transformations across the collection and can be discovered within details.
According to the idea of building protection covers I used many heavy woollen materials who create compact box-volumes. The stiffness of the wools and some leatherettes are opposed to the loose movement of soft silk fabrics, which shape a closer alliance to the body.
The colours of the collection quote the ambiance of crump by a broad palette of beige and grey nuances, a toxic mustard-yellow and a washed-out grey-green. Atmospheric chestnut- and blackberry-reds and fir-greens lead to a diversified ensemble.

photos: Christoph Schemel
makeup & hair: Nathalie Gros (blossom management)
model: Bianca Rothärmel (Mega Models)