My collection of hand- and shoulder-bags „correpondances“ is inspired by the aesthetics of old handwritten letters. As I see an ideational relatedness between letters and hand-bags - both personal object to keep closely with yourself – I was aimed to create close ties also on the level of the aesthetic „correspondences“ between letters and bags. In order to create such a formal relation I chose squiggled arabesques, gestural handwritings to the point of more abstract and modern interpretations of scripture as big shifts loosely arranged like graffities. Partly the forms of the bags conform with rolling, rounded letters, partly I picked up the „postal“ subject in modifying the form of an envelope as the bags` closing cover.
Through a flexible system off press buttons most of the bags consisting of multiple pieces can be separated from each other and can be combined in different ways.
Coming up from the impression of an already a bit dusty punch of letters, my colour palette includes a faded yellow and beige shades, a deep blue out of the inkpot supplemented by a rusted red and greenish greys.