Nach Strich und Faden

My diploma collection “Nach Strich und Faden” is a synthesis of control and dispersion, of clear and constructed geometry and spontaneous abstraction. It is inspired by the American abstract expressionism, particularly by the gestural painting of Franz Kline, Pierre Soulages and Jackson Pollock.
Coming up from an atmosphere in a painters studio with accidental and unintentional traces of colour and widespread brushes and tubes, I developed motifs as dots and splashes of colour and details like brushes treated as borders. With the view to creating a calcareous overall picture I used a broad palette of light greys extended up to greenish anthracite, supplemented by lively coral red and sulphurous yellow. According to the choice of colours I selected fabrics which vary from sleek and matt up to silky glossy surfaces.
The instantaneous and dynamic painting stand in contrast to the graphical clearness of my cuts. Almost exclusively I draped clothes based on geometrical elementary forms as rectangles and squares. Using origami-foldings, cut-ins and torsions I evolved peppy and artistic volumes, but in the same time portable pieces suited for daily use as well as for special occasions.

photos: Marco Baass
makeup & hair: Franziska Gottschlich
model: Natasa Milojevic