Pauline von Metternich

„Pauline von Metternich“ is a formal analysis of the dress codes within the period of the „Biedermeier“ and a winking interpretation of its mentality. During from 1815-1848 this epoch was mainly bounded to Germany and Austria and was characterized by a strong impact of political restriction, which particularly lead to a refuge-movement into an idealised private idyll within the middle-class.
My outfit „Pauline von Metternich“ unmasks those retirement movements into privateness as facile distractions in a time of strained political circumstances. It illustrates and kids the double moral standards in transferring the superficiality and escape in private affairs as an unstable constructed facade. The subject of the „surface“ is taken up in a double meaning: firstly as a flat dress-up doll restrained in corset and crinoline and secondly as a faked decoration of the dress.
The name „Pauline von Metternich“ refers to the daughter-in-law of Fürst Metternich, the foreign minister of the Empire of Austria, who intensely pleaded for a constriction of any bourgeois political activity.